William Lo was raised in Carbondale, and grew up working in his parent’s restaurant where he really learned the value of hard work and having a great work ethic. He spent the last 30 years learning the ins and outs of the restaurant industry, managing and growing their business.

A few years ago, William and his wife, Keesha started the Southern Illinois Eats Facebook page with the goal of taking his knowledge of the restaurant industry and using it to promote other locally owned restaurants. This journey grew into connections with area business owners and stepping into a position to help promote restaurants and offer guidance whenever possible. Over the course of two years, it truly became a passion of his.

In addition to serving as the Executive Director of the Carbondale Chamber, William is also the General Manager of New Kahala, and President of Southern Illinois Collaborative Kitchen, a NFP that he helped found to address food insecurity. In his personal time, William travels across the country with his wife, Keesha Lo, and operates a food and entertainment blog about their experiences in different cities.



Allegra Frazier has been a proud resident of Carbondale since 2015, immersing herself in the vibrant community fabric ever since. With a passion for service and a commitment to making a difference, Allegra transitioned into the nonprofit sector in 2019, where she found her calling in supporting community development initiatives. Before joining the Chamber of Commerce, Allegra dedicated her talents to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Illinois, where she worked to empower local youth and the skilled providers who served them. Her commitment to community welfare extends beyond her professional roles; she currently serves on the Neighborhood Co-Op Board of Directors, furthering her impact on grassroots initiatives.

Allegra's journey into community advocacy was preceded by nearly two decades of experience in customer service, with five years in general management roles. Yet, it's her deep admiration for the hardworking individuals of Carbondale that fuels her dedication to the city's vision and the pursuit of individual aspirations.
Allegra has a background in writing, editing, and visual arts, she brings a unique perspective to her advocacy work. Her work has appeared in numerous businesses in Carbondale, where her interior mural paintings adorn the walls of establishments such as PK’s. Allegra's artistic endeavors have earned her recognition, with her work being jury selected for prestigious events like Shlafly’s Arts Outside.

Originally hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Allegra pursued her education at the University of Arizona before embarking on adventures in Brooklyn and Boston. However, it was the warm community spirit of Carbondale that captured her heart, leading her to make it her permanent home.
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